Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm horrible at blogging.

Or I just have a sporadically interesting life.
I've actually been posting more over at Facebook which some of you have seen, but I should be more over here.
So, I bought a bike at the beginning of June or end of May so I could get more exercise and slim down my lower hemisphere. Also improve my leg flexibility and possibly more cardio workout.
Well it's worked so far.
I had horrid leg flexibility, muscles complaining if I folded them too tight. Which can also be from some arthritis as well in my knees, though it was the muscles primarily that were complaining.
I couldn't do the cross arm movement to pull a shirt up over my head, again that could be from fluid retention in my right arm from lymph nodes being removed. Then there's the lung capacity, I'd get winded going up the stairs and couldn't run very far. Now, I am not obese, only about fifteen pounds over my 'ideal' weight. I've been running in the high 180's and technically should be in the 160 range.
The distance from my home (at the top of a hill mind you) down to work at the nursery is approximately six miles (5.76 miles but it depends on side routes I take). The first quarter mile doesn't count for exercise since it's all downhill. I've been riding about three to four days a week. Sometimes I take the bus down to the trolley station and ride from there which is less than a mile then do the same route back.
I have tried to change what I eat as well, but that's kind of fallen off due to not being able to buy groceries for a few weeks. No we're not destitute just difference in scheduling and money fluctuations. We have food, just not the food I'd like to eat and be able to take to work.
I usually weigh myself on Wednesday or Thursday mornings before my shower, and wear next to nothing. I have lost about six pounds, which isn't a milestone but there are other factors that are happening as well.
I have a pair of work pants that previously fit well and were size 38 waist, they're getting loose right now. Still can't fit into the 36's I have waiting in the wings, but it's getting close. I can now pull a shirt up over my head and my legs feel stronger and I can actually jog for a short time as long as I'm not encumbered with a backpack or work tools.
So yippeee! It's hot and sticky right now, which makes wearing loose heavy pants very uncomfortable. I tried to put on my smaller pants but it was still too uncomfortable to sit in them. I think these are pants that five months ago I couldn't even zip up.
I'm working on getting more fit, slimming down and in general trying to get healthier. Took me a few years to get where I am, so it may take a few to get back down to where I should be.

That's all I wanted to update on right now, more about the kids and life in general another time.

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