Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, Same Life

Last post was six months ago in July, it was hot and sticky. I was riding my bike and then.. winter happened. It is now rainy, been in the 60's and 50's and our winter has settled in finally.
But let me catch you up on what has happened I suppose.
 On family matters, Devon has a job still though no place of his own to live he's working in essentially a two man HVAC company where the other man is his boss and owner. He's been staying with a friend somewhere in Clairemont I think. I keep telling him that I need names and locations in case of an emergency or he goes missing. He doesn't earn enough to save money for doing any kind of real place of his own but he has a paycheck type job which is better than nothing.  We try to meet up at least once a month or so with Amber to just hang out, worked great during the holidays but now there's no 'family' holiday until 4th of July.
On that note, Amber still has her job, but not her kids. She and Dan filed for divorce, he had to move to New Mexico to live with his sister due to losing his job and his car. He and his girlfriend (now fiancee) have a place of their own in a tiny town down there. The agreement was that Dan would have the boys and Amber would have Ava. Well, when Ava finished elementary school the choices for middle schools were two of the worst schools in her area. Amber agreed to fly Ava down to New Mexico since Amber still doesn't have an actual place of her own either. She's 'surreptitiously' rooming with her former neighbor that she is also doing in home care for (he's paralyzed and uses a wheel chair and is almost old enough to be her dad). So in October, we celebrated Ava's birthday by going to IHOP and for Devon and I to say goodbye.  It hurts. Ava and I were really close and without being in contact with Dan, I wouldn't be able to see how much fun she's having with her brothers.
I am not on friendly terms with her former babysitter soon to be her stepmom Lisabet, she has less maturity than Amber and much younger. Lisabet asked Amber to change her name back and drop the Martinez last name, not realizing what that involves officially. Amber told her no, Dan consulted with friends and actual pastors since he is now going to church, and they all sided with Amber. Lisabet then unfriended her on facebook so now the only way Amber keeps in touch with the kids is through Dan who she is actually on speaking terms with better than before.
So there's that drama. We move on and as long as the kids are happy and cared for, that is what counts.
I heard from Kiri just a few days ago that she and her husband are failing and will be filing for divorce after April tax money comes in. Apparently that was falling apart for a while and it just got to a point where she wasn't going to put up with the situation any longer. She has three boys now, the youngest just turned two I think. Kiri says she has a support network this time and from what I gleaned, she's got it together. All I could tell her is that it still sucks.
Someday I'd like to meet my grandsons in person, maybe have a big family reunion when I'm 70 or something.

As for me, I'm just me.
Had two teeth pulled a few months ago, going to get my mouth worked on this year, getting new glasses this month. FINALLY! A new optical place opened right on one of my main bus stops so easy to get there and not take a day off. Hoping nothing it too seriously wrong there, eyes have been feeling weird lately. Not focusing fast enough and hoping what it feels like isn't the start of glaucoma.
Work is work, days go on as usual.
Haven't ridden my bike in the last four months due to it getting dark at the end of the day when I get out of work. I expect to pick that back up in another month or so and see how long that lasts. I also plan on using my vacation or tax refund to get my drivers license reinstated. Long story short, multitude of expired registration tickets had them pull my license almost five years ago. Sold the car that died a long while ago and have been taking the bus or getting rides since then. So if there is money left over and that gets straightened out I may even take a vacation this year too.
Katie has a new job, she's having fun and it doesn't pay all the bills but it does help so she isn't getting a full subsidy from her grandparents.
It's a temp position but she should be taken on permanent when her 'contract' is up in another month.
We have a new kitten in the house, Thorin passed away about four months ago and Katie found a new kitty. His name is Crook (formerly Fabio from the adoption store, bleh) and has a kink in the tip of his tail and has twenty one toes. Two extra toes on the front paws which makes him have opposable thumbs. Scary. He's a friendly cat, much better than Thorin and sleeps in my room and Katies depending on whether she locks him out during the night.
That's the highlights of the last six months that I can think of. Oh yeah and a little Star Wars movie came out in December. Yeah, it was a big deal and I was loving seeing it with Devon and Amber and geek out with them.
I am currently on the phone with Western Dental since they sent me another bill despite me having paid it off last month. They have payment plans for the work done so it's affordable. But now I think I'm going to hang up and wait to see if it's just a fluke or if they give me a call I'll keep the last bill and note that I made when I paid it online.
Going into work later today due to rain, great we're getting rain but sucks when I lose pay over it. Will see what happens over the next six months right?

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