Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another year ends, the wheel turns.

How fitting that on the last night of this horrendous year that at least in San Diego it will rain in the later hours of the night. There were many things that happened this year that shocked the world, changed people's lives and perhaps shifted our way of thinking.
What has been lost cannot be regained, days, lives, moments. Though we wish we could reboot the year, make it a year that we could say was a good one, it is done. Time for us to try and make the next one better. Some things are out of our control, the deaths of loved ones or people we never knew, we have no way of predicting or stopping. As much as we have dreams of superpowers, of turning back time, as real humans in this world, we must shoulder the bad and look to a hopefully better year.
There are several quotes from famous works that all speak of the tears shed from injustice, pain, loss and suffering. They are all the words of grief and release.
What we must do now is let the rain wash our own tears away, the collective anguish and perhaps a bit of the tears of joy as well.
There was much to be happy about this past year, even though we have forgotten it given the burden of the sorrow that came with it.
I'll leave you with one quote that came to my mind and could get hold of the quickest. J. Michael Straczynski, oft misspelled name but some of the best writing on Babylon 5.

Centauri Emperor: "No regrets then?"
Sheridan: "A few. But just a few. You?"
Centauri Emperor: "Oh, enough to fill a lifetime. So much has been lost, so much forgotten. So much pain, so much blood. And for what, I wonder. The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast terrible inbetween. But there is still time to seize that one last fragile moment. To choose something better, to make a difference, as you say. And I intend to do just that." 
For those that know the show well, the images for that scene are embedded with the quote. The Centauri emperor  had seen his people enslaved, killed and his people fight among themselves for power. He did not survive to try and make a difference.
May we all find the fragile moments, be something better, and make a difference, even if it is on a personal level, it will be a change for good.
The balance of life happens, swinging one direction then another. Maybe, just maybe the coming year will see the balance return.
May it truly be a Happy New Year.

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