Sunday, September 4, 2016

Well here it is September..

We've been at our new place for three months exactly.
We're settled in for the most part. All but a few boxes have been emptied and taken away. New couch is installed, all the furniture is in their place and we're down to a routine now. The commute is again, not so bad as long as I can get a ride on Sundays. Which didn't happen a week ago and let's just say I don't want to do that again. Door to door it took me two and a half hours to get home. I have a walk to the bus stop of about a mile according to Google Maps. In good condition, it's not hard, but recently my feet have been hurting more and doing research, I figured out I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Very painful to walk without support. I got new boots and got some arch support and padded inserts and it's helping along with doing the stretches recommended on various sites about it. What I really need to do is lose about ten to fifteen pounds. I'm working on that too.

Good news though, I got new glasses! Downside, which I suspected somehow, my left eye has the start of cataracts. No glaucoma thankfully, but there is a floater in the left eye as well so at this point, the cataracts can be managed with new prescription but nothing to be done about the floater. Right eye hadn't changed that much actually which is odd. Most of my accidents and issues have all been on my right side.
The cost of my glasses after insurance pretty much ate up the rest of my reserves.  I'm thankful I had that reserve though but discovered that I forgot to pay something important way back in April. State taxes. I had planned on having it taken out automatically but didn't know when the Federal would go through. So kept watching for that and then we decided to move and..... it kind of slipped through the cracks. So now got the notice that I'll have it taken out of my paycheck which will suck but I've managed before.
So, after floating on a good cushion of cash for about four months, back down to subsistence level. Ups and downs, it's all a balance.
Speaking of that, Amber is doing well as she has a new boyfriend now that is still working nicely. Have yet to meet him but heard him on the phone the other night when she called with her semi-regular updates. Got to see the grandkids over the summer and hung out with Ava and Devon at the county fair on the Forth of July.  Haven't heard personally from Devon since then. Seen him post on Facebook and nudged him about getting together for dinner with Amber and her boyfriend but that's about it.

 I started following a group on Facebook called Art Abandonment, and it's all about just that. Leaving pieces of art or creative bits randomly and anonymously (mostly) all over the world. I feel kind of unartistic compared to some of the things people are doing, but then saw a few others that did leave jewelry and didn't feel so bad.
My travel is rather limited being on the bus, but there are the bus stops and one is in the middle of UCSD campus so I left one of my ribbon bookmarks there for someone to find. Since I can't sell any of my things in a timely fashion, giving it away is the next best thing.
I did finish a somewhat involved commission Earrings to match necklaces and repairing one of the necklaces, so getting my head wrapped in that and coming up with some appropriate designs was a challenge.(pictures to be forwarded and items sent at end of the week hopefully).

Now that's all done, I have to start thinking about other projects and... dunh dunh dunnnn Christmas presents!
I am knitting a lot more with the long bus rides so getting some scarves done, but would also like to do more of my ornaments. I've made almost twenty of them over the past few years and have given away most of them. Only about eight or ten left now and have more blank ornaments than I know what to do with.  Well I know what to do with them it's a matter of getting it done. Like always.
So that's about it, managing mischief and keeping head above water.

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