Thursday, June 9, 2016

Almost settled in

Moving was hectic as expected, took longer than we thought and I'm thankful for the people that came and helped.
Monday morning Katie woke before me and went to get breakfast for us. I took a bite or two of the breakfast panini but wasn't interested. Got up, got dressed and stripped my bed and packed the bedding away.
I went out and fixed coffee while Katie went to with one of the guys to go get the truck. She reserved it for 9 am, but it was through a liquor store so they don't open early... she finally got back with a 17 foot truck.
So, I drank some coffee since I knew I needed the energy and made a big mistake. I didn't eat enough to cushion the coffee and a half hour later couldn't stand up due to feeling dizzy. Years ago I discovered I can't have large doses of aspirin because it thins my blood too much and makes me dizzy. Yep. Same effect. I usually have about a third of a cup in the morning with double that of creamer. I usually eat some food that counters it as well, I had a half cup of coffee, bigger than the usual cup I use.
I had to sit on a chair and directed the helping crew what needed to go or stay, be a mom to one of the younger guys and tell him not to lift things bigger than he can carry.
It took three hours or so for them to completely pack the truck which was about the same amount of time for the effect of the coffee to wear off. I also ate the rest of my sandwich which did help a little.
The truck was packed tight like a Tetris board and we took a break to go have lunch.  Food helped, The Habit burgers were great for everyone.
We had to split up the crew since only two extra people could fit in the truck and two people had to leave, (Katie's sister and her husband). The two remaining guys didn't have cars so I went with Katie's mom and stepdad to get a pickup and extra dollies while she drove the truck to the new place.
Let's just say that unpacking the truck was just as chaotic but in reverse.
There was still lots of stuff left back at the apartment that never got in boxes, so when Katie realized it was past our turn in time for the truck she decided to take it back instead of keeping it for another day.  Bad choice she admitted later.
We made five more trips in her car over the next two days. Tuesday night Amber was able to come and help us with what space she had in the van, that helped immensely. Katie's mom was able to come Wednesday morning and load some of the smaller stuff and the vacuum.
Wednesday morning we also had to go get a new vacuum. The old one burned out the belt just vacuuming one room.
It was exhausting but some of the best times spent with my best friend.
The new place is a bit smaller, configured differently but we're slowly getting settled in. Ikea is our new place of choice for furniture. And other stuff.

The commute for me is not so bad going to the nursery four days a week. Going to the fabric store is a little more involved.
We are right in the heart of Mira Mesa, 'walking distance' to just about any store we could need. Easier to drive, but if necessary I can walk to the store. Katie gives me a ride to the bus stop in the morning and Sundays to work since the buses don't run conveniently. We've decided that Sundays are our shopping and 'buddy' time.

Okay enough for now, hope to have another update sooner than three months.

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